Digital transformation has a positive impact on the job market, with new career options and changes in working habits.

Digital Transformation: Remember the time when the job sector was more of a desktop job rather than a computerized job. From call centres to sales, everything was done physically.

A decade after that, we experience something different. The difference is, now, we are digitally transformed. Here is how. We can book our tickets online, shop online, view a property from home with augmented reality, and many more. The question is, how is all that possible? It became possible with the change in the job sector.

As we experience these benefits and avail them online, we must know how this is being possible. This became a reality with the hardworking team that shifted their paths from mundane jobs to creative, feasible, and interesting jobs. These include artificial intelligence, digital marketing, UI/UX design, and many more. It brought some useful information to be discovered and to be invented. The digital transformation is having a wide-ranging impact on the business environment, creating both opportunities and challenges. Inter-related trends such as e-commerce, big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT) could lead to large productivity gains for the economy. However, disruption to existing business and social models, as well as established markets, will disrupt the lives of millions of citizens.

But how the society perceived it?

Society in the matter of job has always sought a fixed and stable workspace that requires no skills after graduation. With the introduction of digitalization, the newcomers believe in learning skills that are valuable in the market rather than following the herd of sheep. All that mentioned and said is correct, but how is it changes working habits? That 9–5 job is changed to work from home after the arrival of coronavirus. This has changed the way a job used to be performed. Now, anyone can work from anywhere in the world by connecting digitally. That’s amazing and so is the job profile. We no longer see a job for BPO, we go for jobs that are actually asking for creativity like creating a website, or designing it, content writing, or digital marketing. Well, the list looks big, but all these jobs might be eaten away by automation. We are witnessing automation in almost all private sectors. It has reduced ⅓ of the jobs that previously used to be manual. It has lead to a lot of job losses with more than 32% of people losing their job on the spot. It has brought some bad luck but also increased the value for money factor. Most people now fall under the competition. All that matters is skill enhancement.

Students who are ready to roll are inculcating more soft skills and technical knowledge than academic marks and scores. This is a positive impact on the lifestyle of students, as they are being ready for the future. There is actually a different gratification in coding for millions of people who watch their favourite shows on Netflix. Nevertheless, what we do and believe in, digital transformation is the present and is going to play a major part in our future too.

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